The kite of the constant moment

Nothing lasts within this seemingly constant life we all live.

Man would rather forget and gladly leave inside the pit of the past some of the faces he has met or experiences he has felt.

But for the moments underneath which lies places and people that bear our heart in it, man suddenly becomes a helpless soul who is at war with the consistency of things he wishes to retain and hold on to.

A fight for the constant within the eternal ever so inconsistent!

And thus goes one the dilemma on this plane but perhaps not the next, as we are told

Sophie Parou




  1. abdulrehmanhamza · August 29, 2014

    I agree partly but partly i believe its not fair to hold life responsible for the inconsistencies.infact you are what you are because of the inconsistencies
    and the universe is always on the look out for your desires if strong enough it conspires to it to happen but without conseqences.

    Your article is very deep and somewhat
    inspiring to the mind not the heart

    • Sophie Parou · August 30, 2014

      Whilst i do understand the view you have tried to express, what you called fairness is yet again, far from the actual content of the thought itself for life is simply made of universal laws AND polarity and accordingly the thought is simply painting these facts.
      Sophie Parou

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