Seeking the words that stay

Give me words of eloquence and majestic sentences in remembrance of all the greatest poets of all, that once existed,
Give me words of wisdom and bravery, that shall fill in my journey,
Give me words of love and warmth, so that I shall tell myself and never forget that the heart precedes everything else,
Give me words of poetry and rhymes once again so they shall forever soothe the ear that listens to them,
Give me words of hope boasting the reward of the strong ones who shall not succumb to the temptation of the easy way,
And at once let me dance, let me fight , let me live and succeed in the strangest way that which has become my quest!

Sophie Parou


The people of the mountain

And however the world may feel and whether it may be in rage against those who have empowered themselves with glory and fame at the cost of the less fortunate; whether it might be clouded by the deep smoke of war or perhaps the speech of the world itself may have been impeached by evil forces we had foreseen but so underestimated, it is fact that the people of the mountain shall not only thrive but shall always survive whatever strikes them!

Sophie Parou