Birth and growth of a giant step

The earth was like a step away.
Nothing too distant not too height.
And I felt like a giant on it.
Whether it was I who chose the dream or the secret geometry of chance which chose it for me, I do not know , nor did it ever matter.
Hence, all that ever truly did bear any significance was that I was ready to conquer the vision!

The visualization of the thing you seek the most and that inevitably precedes all forthcoming events is not the hardest task of all but rather, the attachment to it, regardless of the outer events that shall befall you.
Life is always willing to give but a true faith in the pure things that it contains and which you desire the most is truly the pre requisite to obtaining them.

Will is a powerful tool but when combined to faith, words become sentences, sentences become chapters and chapters combined themselves into a book that shines high above and which in turn can inspire others to follow. Amen.

Sophie Parou


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