Dialogue of two lovers

Under the first light of a new day,  Juliette once said:
“O’ my Romeo You say love is everything,
I say, ‘the great feeling’ needs the arms to hold it still!
You say you are all power and powerful,
I say, the climax of all power is when you learn to compile yours to another!
You say all are equal,
I say, the rebirth of equality can only happen if the man wholly accepts and proud himself when seeing the Joan of Arc within his beloved climb the way !
For isn’t our present world, the abode of men ?
You say life’s best plan of two lovers bears no underlying plan,
I say, the greatest plan of all always carries a preceding vision and far can the vision take them both indeed!
You say freedom is at the heart of all conflicts of love,
I say, poor in understanding is the one who hasn’t seen that freedom itself is ultimately brought by love!”

Sophie Parou


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