Algebra of dreams


And at night, when he slips through the narrow bright corridor made of wishing stars and swirls around the images that dance with me and slowly carry me to the world of my dreams; my eyes will be those of a child, who watches in the greatest amazement the happening of a new colorful story in a place ever so far from my own and of which him and I will once again be part of for a while.
And never does he speaks but words I do not need, for through him, everything I see.
And reason abandons me , when I seek to know how is he to be the recurring subject of my sleep, though certain I am that messages are there for us to read.
And in the morning, when the magic is at ease and by my wake the tale vanishes, a smile I retain, for the secret whispered in vain by the night, shall soon be spoken of by the days to come …

Credit: picture by Taenaron

White sound of a poet


And in my world,
If sound did not exist,
What of the fate of my wordings ?
For beauty seeks harmony!
But if voice I was deprived of,
Ah! divine soothing melodies I could still hear,
And wordings would thus breathe at ease…

Credit: picture by Venetas

Dialogue of two numbers


The laws of the universe say that all doors eventually close when a new one urges to be opened and that the signs can not be rebuked nor can they be denied…
And thus if the maktoob of all things had vindicated my being with you on this plane and not the next, I say to you now, that I would want it all and nothing less; for the less will ultimately bring a shorter span to the greatest conquest!
So let us now be together for everything that is left and embrace our righteous place in this amazing fate that presents itself or at once abandon ourselves and forget the sacred number of the day when everything ever took place!

Credit: picture by Knathe25

Diary of a continuous journey


I am the child within, that shall have bore three names in a life time
But fortunate enough to have had Wisdom as one of them…
I am a seeker of truth with enough might to throw the arrow when time shall say so and far will it go!
I am a walker of life who privileges the vertical way amongst all other available ways for isn’t where the horizon lays?
I am the avatar that shall pierce your circle and force you to seek what which you have never dared seeking for you had been thinking the universe has little to give and little thinking it is indeed …

Credit: picture by xetobyte

Nocturne voyage


And as the dark now reveres the coming white night,
Let us climb to the stars, for dreams are in this horizon … over there!
Let us fly to the sky, for high is the birth place of the clouds,
and best is the seat above West and East, so whispers the Japanese myth.
Let us mount the Andean Cordillera and catch the good blessings of the sleeping sun you have never seen,
Ah! Bright cavalier, come into my world and see how the thoughts have conquered the soul.
Come see how the energy of life vocalizes in rhymes and prose and in turn, gives birth to passionate ones, the abode of those who shall recreate life to the liking of your hearing.
Do you feel all the conglomerate of everything that I seek with might ?
Do you see the universe dance on this night ?
Do you hear how the tide can strike twice ?
But beware might I warn you, for when dawn awakes and the nocturne voyage reaches to an end, the heart sanctum of the inner kingdom that is mine shan’t be shaken by no mere gallant gentlemen but he who shall see in my eyes the eternity of a white night !
And a wishful thinking it would be indeed to believe otherwise .

Credit:  picture by Badman22