Once in the ‘bois d’Ouvent’

It is now dusk and adrift is my walk whilst wandering through the sweet forest of Bois d’Ouvent,
Lost within the frothy branches and my mellow hanging dreams,
O magi magi of my childhood where hath you !?
Are you lost as are lost those who live in the city of immortals ?
Will you barely just remain a part of all the forthcoming epitaph of my life ?
Lo! Forget not I shall, for the heart is young; and the yesterdays of my days which you once fulfilled me with shall honor the tomorrows of my remaining ones .

Credit: pic by kr_2y_51_3k

Diary of a continuous journey II


I am a queen in pursue of the invisible kingdom and naïve enough to believe in it .
I am Joan of arc who wore the armor of Orleans , seeking all the great remaining warriors so as to prepare for an even greater battle.
I am the light that came from far away, so the old fortuneteller said, and determined to bring on a bigger light to a world mourning the loss of its faith.
And I am so uninterested in petty words of the mass, which I shall not vanquish any less , for my kingdom and sword are nothing but stardust as I am.
For in the end, I know I shall say ‘ what a journey!’

Credit: pic by Mindtuber