The path of Aquarius

How are we to define the sum up of everything that contains whoever we may be? Are we the embedment of our blood ancestors along with the bad or the good virtues they once pledged which runs through our veins and that we shall bear or avail? Are we merely but the blueprint, therein the living momentum of the numerous past lives we have lived and with it, the joy we chose to experience and for some, the pain we will spend an entire lifetime getting rid of?  Are we solely but a sparkle of light disguised within our physical appearance and wearing the coat of a soul we specifically chose before crossing the airlock of the mother source? Are we more likely to be the fusion of all of the above and if so, what of those amongst us who have been chained by an unfortunate egregor that subtly controls their life on this plane?  Is this what they had chosen at the beginning of it all?  Are we all the living proof of the individual universal choice we took to either walk onto the path of light or its opposite, the shadow?  Are we all dictated by all-embracing laws that governs our every move and which only a portion of it we have so far beget to know? A few but poignant existential interrogations, which, amongst the soul and soulless spirits that inhabit the world we chose to experience, barely a fragment of our globe often named the ‘awaken ones’, ever felt compelled to question.  Though, as we have now begun our walk into the new era of Aquarius, whilst the long awaited and highly praised throughout ancient scriptures ‘Middle Way’, is now paving its way through the subtle balance of forces, it is said that as many more souls will be delving into the very meaning of our continuance, as many more answers shall subsequently be found. In turn, the concept of life, as it may, shall better be recognized and utilised.

Sophie Parou


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