Page 359 of the continuous journey

I am the one with a line that has no beginning on this plane
but little care do i give to this, except for its grand ending !
I am a walker of the path nine …the one that happily precedes the last,
and merry at heart, day after day, i play the cast.
I am the child queen that kept on going despite the blasts, for every dark minute that sinks in the past ultimately represents its equal light !
I am the warrior of heart who was once told to keep quiet but too mighty was i, to ever comply…

Credit: Pic by Carlos Quevedo

A December night

Ah! what a sublime feeling it is to see the beating of the heart that resides in the sparkles of the eyes of two strangers that first meet and say:
‘I feel again and know everything that you are,
You are my hope, you are my gain, you so near yet you were so far,
You are the everything i have longed to have but strangely have forbidden myself to have !’

Credit: pic by Evaldaz

Farewell of a childhood


Over there, in the land of the old Sheppard which goes by the name of Beauce; a place that speaks of the flatness of the hand of God more than in any other places and where the long desired gold wheat blessed by its makers grows proud year after year; I once saw beneath the moon, the dance of the windmills winking at me, whilst saying my last farewell to the fields that shall have stamped forever more my childhood…

Credit: pic by Eleva

The last preachers


And in of this land which you and I inhabit and which thirsts for the flesh and the pettiness pleasures of the empty days, if you but carefully look beyond the fog, you shall find that coexists an horizon made of pure lights and where the pious souls unspoiled by the black gold shall greet you with a smile should you but enter into their orderliness world when strikes your darkest time … a world polished by generations of men and woman who have kept faith to their God of love and sworn to abide by His kindness regardless of the insanity and delusions of what the eyes shall see and seek …

Credit: pic by Msdirection