The tenth of the year


It was a month when the past and the present met again at a crossroad.
Forgotten faces brought back to life,
And a few certain hidden bitter sweet memories marked in the pages of the old arose to the surface of the now.
It was a month when wisdom shouted the truth to the defiant hearts that still believe in love stories with the unmatched halves.
Scattered hopes that were now paving the way to a new chapter, which contained an even bigger hope.
Autumn leaves that would soon conquer the landscape of the sunny grass and butterflies.
It was the month of the seekers of equilibrium and those who thirst for a grander symmetry.
The subtle brass color scale that sits at the heart of the tree of life and which those pursuers try in vain to bring to the long praised middle way but never quite to their own despair,
For a journey with evenness is always better than one with emptiness.
It was a month when she met him again… the one that once day said ‘i still have a soul and am off to the road of Santiago!’
It was a month when the pen and the hand both reconciled and the voice unconditionally said ‘write and let the words dance once again’!

Sophie Parou