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In the finest tradition of prestigious cakes and most particularly those who brush against the desirable limit of fantasy, prevails a man, whose most extraordinary fate or grander calling, urged him to set out from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Years later, he would become the greatest maestro chef and artist in his category, this progressing century has observed. Illustrated with rich and unique drawings that represent some of the most unprecedented chef d’oeuvres that led to the artist apotheosis, this book recounts the journey of what it took one convinced man to imagine and therein formulate; hundreds of magnum opus that certainly shook the Arabian world from year 2000 onwards. A labor of admiration, this book not only speaks to all the professional chefs that subtly compose our sphere but also, to both amateur and connoisseurs alike, in all things gastronomic. Throughout this journey and the compelling voice that derives from it, I set out to show that when man wants to exist, what can often be called madness by some, will equally be named ingenuity by others.