The train of life


How many worthy goods would you happily give away for The Hand to take you back to the kingdom of your happy childhood upon your humble request, and thereby live the days when seeing was believing, and equally live the nights when after your prayer, dreaming under the sky full of stars was all that you ever asked for…
A time when the heart prevailed over the intellect which you had yet to discover and foremost the time when you could easily tab in all the subtle energies of every living and non living things that surrounded you and that composed your world …
A world that was timeless but that has now become priceless if you but recall the immensity of the innocence you have left.
Ah! How many of us have retained the heart of the child within and still live their life as a grand adventure…?

Credit: picture by Evenliu

Guraida no Bushi


And as my eyes lay on the blue lights that magically blend with the whiter sparks invading the room on this windy night , I am now able to unravel your invisible name and see with a smile the true face of that which you are…
You are the complete seven notes when played at once,
You are here and yet everywhere at the same given moment,
You are the equilibrium of the scale you seek and chose by the dark face of anger and fear you have seen,
And your heart lays in the east…
Yet, time only will ever tell if the miles you travel ever succumb to the thing you are missing…
Ah! Welcome to my world and I to yours, Samurai glider!

Credit: picture by Slherzog

Seeking the words that stay


Give me words of eloquence and majestic sentences in remembrance of all the greatest poets of all, that once existed,
Give me words of wisdom and bravery, that shall fill in my journey,
Give me words of love and warmth, so that I shall tell myself and never forget that the heart precedes everything else,
Give me words of poetry and rhymes once again so they shall forever soothe the ear that listens to them,
Give me words of hope boasting the reward of the strong ones who shall not succumb to the temptation of the easy way,
And at once let me dance, let me fight , let me live and succeed in the strangest way that which has become my quest !