White sound of a poet

And in my world,
If sound did not exist,
What of the fate of my wordings ?
For beauty seeks harmony!
But if voice I was deprived of,
Ah! divine soothing melodies I could still hear,
And wordings would thus breathe at easeā€¦

Sophie Parou


Credit: pic by Venetas


I hear it as i did in that minute before and i now see again,
Sound of piano and the fingers which write the introduction of the blast that has yet to come,
Sound of beat that slips through your heart and forces it to feel,
Sound of electric vibes dancing into the sky they worship!
Sound of violins and the eternal melancholy they sing,
Yes! sparkles of light that always shines by the sound that brings one back to life or perhaps merely a divine orchestra that you shall never tire to hear.

Sophie Parou