Octobria moon

As I watch this new moon of October attaining its half course before its cosmos purpose eventually reaches its final destination and the awoken ones feel its blessing, I recollect my thoughts and remember. Today, across the distance of five kilometers from one another, which is our current reality, you told me the elders whom I pushed you to reconciled with, spoke and said ‘you are the watcher, my son and though this comes as a gift from the universe, be aware, for such aptitude will equally bring its hardship when you understand, and you must now. For the price of silence shall always be the fruit you bear for the truth your eyes only can see’.  

And so, if this double sword reality of yours has now become a permanent one, I righteously ask myself what of my name and role within this equation of ours? I am the white avatar sent to you to unleash and activate the second part of your life? I am the Delphi that plays its role till all crosswords meet and your destination is reached or perhaps is it that your destination was also always mine to be?  I am the fastest one of both spirits as we know it, that shall ironically have to continuously slow you down for the absorbing of what you feel and see is too overwhelming? Or perhaps in the end, I am ultimately the once born small queen that had the power to ground a Hamza of our time and an all eye seeing?

The future is ours to be or not to be….

And though in this late hour, I still do not know my true name, I shall accept and choose to be whatever the universe has intended for me to be and throughout what transpires of us and the love that materializes from us, if only for the greater purpose of humanity and those that deserve to see and live it.  

Sophie Parou


Encounter with an avatar


And a new day came when tired of waiting for fate to speak and most uncertain of it all, she walked in the openness of the moment and the following she wrote:
‘The hour that is now is filled with no pride but the one to write.
This hour has no dignity of danger either for in the world of pure feelings, none of it exists.
This hour is when the weapons fall down and the man sees with the heart and no longer with the mind and says…Amor vincit omnia !
In this hour you are the vision of everything that lays ahead of me though you are everything I cannot see…
And in mysterious ways does He and His universe work and mysterious enough is life itself and reoccurring encounters with forgotten ones …
Yet my sweet playfellow, as all the avatars that have preceded you and who shall follow after you, wisdom strikes only once even when hearts can beat twice in a lifetime and thus I bed you farewell for in truth, the link to a gateway is what you were and alas never will you be the gateway itself where the heart lays…!’

Credit: picture by Corvinerium

When light speaks the truth

You were the one I utterly admired the most;
I was the one you secretly needed as a whole;
You were the one I felt in rage with, for in your world, all of the things were given in thin measures and never would you dare have given it all indeed!
I was the one and possibly the last, you still cared for, for all other souls had either failed or be gone from your space;
You were the one who nurtured me from the birth of a fame I had fully yet to embrace and strangely enough, the same tail which bore a twist of irony, for it only knew too well that that which you had given me, you also wanted a share of it but fate had decisively decided otherwise.
And faith and determination being the prerequisite of all accomplishments, I was the one who had the biggest wings of us both;
You were the one who kept on flying and swing to the extremity of the poles , for you simply did not know otherwise;
Whilst i was the one who held on tight to the middle way for convinced I was that of all of the possible ways, this was the only ever lasting one;
You were the one who mastered the speaking of words you composed so well and which could have inspired you in incommensurable measures , if you had but listened to own self;
I was the one who bore the ability to turn words onto paper people keep and can read again and again, long past the spoken words;
You were to be !…. and yet, you have never truly become till the hour that is now;
And such as there are two ways of spreading light, perhaps was I merely but the candle and you my dear friend, were the mirror that reflected it to the world!

Sophie Parou